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Which Way North - Hancock Museum 22/6/ - 9/9/18

I urge you to go to see the artist Simon McKeown's elaborate state-of-the-art installation called Motion Disabled

Ken Russell - The Times

Actors and Production Crew


Motion Disabled was a complex production, using motion capture, sound and video.

The work was devised and directed by Dr Simon Mckeown:


Mat Fraser
Richard Hardesty
Luke Hardwick
Steve Graham
Pauline Heath
Frank Letch
Tanya Raabe
Craig Salisbury
Dr Paul Darke
Richard Brook
Paul Miller
Rachel Liggit
Dr Simon Mckeown


Dr Paul Darke - Producer and Promoter
Craig Mcmullen - Animation Manager
Simon Mckeown - 3D animation and production
Mark Buschbacher - Video production
Nigel Crooks - Sound Designer
Gary Quinn  - Motion Capture studio manager
John Tallon - Lighting

With ongoing thanks to all those who have and continue to assist, support and promote the project to date.