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DHM - Dresden 12/10 to 20/7/2013

I urge you to go to see the artist Simon McKeown's elaborate state-of-the-art installation called Motion Disabled

Ken Russell - The Times

Motion Disabled - The Process

How was the exhibition was produced?

Motion Disabled uses the same exacting and complicated Motion Capture techniques as used in feature film such as Lord of the Rings.

The image below shows Mat Fraser in a three stage process. Firstly he is placed in a motion capture suit. Reflective markers are placed on major joints such as elbows, knees and shoulders and 10 high speed infared digital cameras record his motion from different angles. Secondly the captured movement is 'cleaned up' and then translated to digital skeletons and then lastly mapped across to the final digital actor, in this case a simple nuetral representation of Mat's body.


Below you view actual videos from the various Motion Disabled capture shoots which took place at Teesside University, UK.