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DHM - Dresden 12/10 to 20/7/2014

I urge you to go to see the artist Simon McKeown's elaborate state-of-the-art installation called Motion Disabled

Ken Russell - The Times

Motion Disabled - Sponsors

Motion Disabled - Sponsors

Motion Disabled would not have been possible without the kind support of its sponsors, supporters and promoters.

The Wellcome Trust People Awards sponsored the project and the Trust has been instrumental in supporting the project. New supporters include DaDaFest International 2010. 



Motion Disabled was exhibited on Friday the 21st to Sunday the 23rd of October of in central Manchester, projected onto the John Dalton Building, as part of Manchester Science Festival. Presented by Manchester Metropolitan University's Institute for Biomedical Research into Human Movement and Health. Thanks to all concerned!

Motion Disabled was exhibited on Friday the 23rd of September in central Dublin, as part of Culture Night 2011. Presented by Arts & Disability Ireland with support from the Arts Council and Temple Bar Cultural Trust. My thanks to all concerned!
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