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DHM - Dresden 12/10 to 20/7/2014

I urge you to go to see the artist Simon McKeown's elaborate state-of-the-art installation called Motion Disabled

Ken Russell - The Times

Motion Disabled Exhibition Detail

Motion Disabled was developed by Simon Mckeown, one of the UK's most prolific artists, and winner of DaDaFest's Artist of the Year. Simon combines a background in Fine Arts, Computer Graphics and Animation with an interest in disability and emerging technologies to create innovative exhibitions.

He invited Dr Paul Darke of Wolverhampton's Outside Center to be the first motion capture study and then went on to secure support from the Wellcome Trust and Teesside University. Using this funding Simon went on to work with a further 14 disabled actors, with disabilities ranging from Spina Bifida to Cerebral Palsy. After 10 months in production and processing, Motion Disabled was a finished art installation, ready for exhibition.

First shown at Wolverhampton Art Gallery in the UK, Motion Disabled has since gone on to be a successful national exhibition, enjoying installations in London, Leeds, Manchester and the Houses of Parliament, amongst many others. However the impact of Motion Disabled has not been restricted to the British Isles as the project received international critical acclaim during installations in Australia, South Korea and America.

One particular highlight for Motion Disabled was its exhibition at the world famous Smithsonian Art Gallery in Washington D.C., the capital of the United States of America. Whilst based there for three months in an exhibition organised by VSA Arts, Motion Disabled was viewed by over 700,000 visitors.

In December 2010, in a separate event promoted by the VSA of Washington D.C., Motion Disabled was simultaneously broadcast to 17 different countries across the world, further increasing the scope of an innovative project.