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Which Way North - Hancock Museum 22/6/ - 9/9/18

I urge you to go to see the artist Simon McKeown's elaborate state-of-the-art installation called Motion Disabled

Ken Russell - The Times

Dr Paul Darke - Producer


Dr Simon Mckeown asked Dr Paul Darke to become involved in the early part of the production of Motion Disabled. He was the first motion capture actor and then worked on the logistical organisation of the project. Paul brought his extensive organisational and critical skills to the project, working with Wolverhampton Art Gallery to secure the premiere installation of Motion Disabled. Outside Centre and Paul continue to promote the exhibition nationally and internationally.

Paul is an internationally respected academic, writer and cultural critic who has extensively written and created texts focusing on the issue of identity and culture. He is also the originator of Normality Theory. He gained his PhD from the University of Warwick through examining disability and its cultural specificities and impact. Though born in Surrey he now works and travels throughout Europe and elsewhere in the world.

As an artist, Paul Darke is bringing, to various art forms, new insights and exciting concepts which challenge conventional views of both art and society.

Dr Paul Darke is the Director of Outside Centre (, based in Wolverhampton, which is a disability arts organisation, working within the Social Model of Disability. Its primary objective is to celebrate and promote disability and disabled people through arts and culture.